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"Lay The Draw" is a football trading strategy offered for FREE, out of respect for our community

The Lay The Draw strategy focuses on the “Match Odds” Market. Both Half Time and Full Time markets are included.

A very different approach from what you already know…

If you are looking for “get rich quick” strategies, you won’t find them here.

Sorry! Most probably your place is not in our community with this kind of mindset.


The shortlists for this football trading strategy are published daily on this page. You just need to watch the short video about Lay The Draw selections and follow the instructions.

Don’t forget to check our all-time records and statistics. 
Every trade was published on social media BEFORE kick-off. We challenge you to check if you don’t take our word for it.

Main Reasons
to try out the Lay The Draw strategy


Easy to trade. No tools are needed (although are useful). 

classic football ball


It is a well-known strategy and you can find information all over the internet.


Bets are placed in one of the main markets. Liquidity won’t be a problem in almost any match.


You can take advantage of the mistakes of beginners who practice this strategy.


We never lay above 3.00. The risk might be even lower than the potential profit.

What is this Lay The Draw strategy about?

What you get:
  • What is Lay The Draw
  • How to manage your stakes and risks
  • Finding an edge in this classic method
  • Step-by-step trading
  • Examples for better understanding
You can impose your own trading style. But it would be preferable to respect both the entry and exit points (especially when the trade goes against you).
Is this strategy for you?

✔️  Yes, even if you only have basic sports trading knowledge 

No, if you want to get rich quickly and quit your job after a profitable month

✔️  Why not, if you unsuccessfully tried other LTD methods before

✔️  Yes, if you understand that you won’t win every trade

Losses will happen!
You should enter the trade knowing a loss may occur at any time. And accept this fact! Losses are part of the game…
Don’t change the strategy after the first loss. You should improve it only when you have a decent sample. Don’t draw conclusions until you have at least 100 trades. The more matches, the more accurate your analysis will be. 
You are not alone
We provide you with shortlists on a regular basis. What if a team is not among the statistics, but is in a situation where it must win… Would you trade that match? We think you will lose a great opportunity.
We trust you’ll understand this fundamental strategy. Anyway, you can contact us anytime. It is our pleasure to answer your questions.
Also, we’ll inform you every time we update the ebook. Or when we publish new videos on our Youtube Channel.
Remember that the strategy is only the first step. You need other trading skills also. So, get as much knowledge from our website (but not only) as you can. Then put that knowledge into practice and gain experience.

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