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We couldn’t find a better football trading strategy on the Goal Market than No Quick Goals

No Quick Goals - Sports Trading Strategies

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No Quick Goals is a football trading strategy offered for FREE, out of respect to our community

The football trading strategy focuses on the “Goals” Market, mainly on the “Under/Over 2.5 Goals”.

Nothing complex, but still very efficient.

We can firmly affirm that no other football trading strategy with this edge is offered at no cost on the internet.

If you’re hoping for a “get rich quick” scheme, we’re sorry to disappoint. This community isn’t for those looking for overnight success.

We post shortlists for our football trading strategy every day on our website. We recommend watching the short video about the strategy selections and following the instructions carefully.

No Quick Goals shortlist
Trades were published on social media BEFORE kick-off. We challenge you to check that out.

Main Reasons
to try out No Quick Goals strategy

Simple football player


Easy to trade. No tools are needed (although are useful). 

Celebration player


High win-rate. The frequency of “green” trades will give you a positive attitude,



Bets are placed in one of the main markets. Liquidity won’t be a problem in almost any match.



In and out of the trade in 12 minutes or less.

medium risk


You’ll never risk the full stake. Average losses are around 30% from liability.

What is this strategy about?

Here’s what’s included:
  • An explanation of the “No Quick Goals” strategy
  • How to effectively manage your stakes and risks
  • Our unique edge and how to identify it
  • A step-by-step guide to trading using this strategy
  • Real-world examples to help you grasp the concepts

You’re welcome to adapt this strategy to fit your own trading style, but we recommend respecting the entry and exit points, especially when a trade isn’t going as planned.

Is this strategy fit for you?


✔️ Definitely if you have a basic understanding of sports trading

Probably not if you’re looking to make a quick fortune and quit your job after one profitable month

✔️ It’s worth a try if you’ve tried other goal-oriented methods without success

✔️ Absolutely if you accept that not every trade will be a winner.

Losses happen!

It’s important to acknowledge that losses are a natural part of the game, and you should be prepared for them.

It’s crucial not to abandon the strategy after experiencing a single loss. Instead, take the time to analyze at least 100 trades before drawing any conclusions. The more matches you analyze, the more accurate your predictions will be.

You can count on us

We provide you with regular shortlists, but what if a team isn’t included in the statistics? Would you still trade that match? We believe that ignoring these opportunities could result in significant losses.

We hope you’ll find our strategy useful, even if it’s new to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, we’ll keep you informed of any updates to our ebook or new videos on our YouTube channel.

Remember, while our strategy is an essential first step, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Be sure to gain as much knowledge as possible from our website and other sources, then put that knowledge into practice to gain experience.

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