Betting Exchange Tools

Nowadays you have many betting exchange tools and services to choose from.

We believe that you will find the best information on our website. And we do hope we explain fundamental things in a simple and transparent way.

However, it never hurts to get as much information as possible, from as many sources as possible. That way you can form your own best opinion. What to do and what not to do…

We recommend only a few betting exchange tools and services that you need in your daily trading. Each of them has its own benefits, which will help you raise your trading level or give you a boost in front of the others.

Even we used or still use the following tools and services:


✔️ They promise to teach you how to trade from scratch or transform existing results

✔️ Team Stats tool finds suitable trades in minutes

✔️ LIVE trade alerts by email or Telegram

✔️ More than 12 years on the market should represent seriousness and value

Same subscription even if you use only some of their services

Our Rating

Features: Script & Video Education, Strategies, Community, Pre-match & Live Statistics, Live Alerts for Strategies, Workshops, Chat Room, Premium Customer Support
Experience Level: All levels
Support: Yes
Acquisition: Subscription (trial / monthly / quarterly / annually)
Language: English


✔️ A powerful tool for experienced players, as they describe it

✔️ You can find a lot of statistics from 84 leagues and 45 countries

✔️ You can backtest almost any strategy you want with a good accuracy

✔️ Possibility to download the database and play with the stats as you desire (our favourite benefit)

Not the friendliest platform and a little difficult to understand at first 

Our Rating

Features: Accurate Football Statistics, Live Stats, Alerts, Excel Database Export, Suggestions, Bet Tracker, Poisson Calculator, Tutorials, Excellent Customer Support, 15 Days Money Back Guarantee
Experience Level: All levels
Support: Yes
Acquisition: Lifetime plan (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Language: English


✔️ Paul Shires promise to show you exactly how to trade tennis profitably on Betfair

✔️ Player Stats and detailed trading statistics for all ATP, WTA, ITF and Challenger matches

✔️ ‘Live Stats’ tool which has been custom-built for tennis trading and live chat room sessions

✔️ More than 12 years since he trades on Betfair for a living should represent some value

The added value may be below expectation for some of the customers

Our Rating

Features: Script & Video Education, Strategies, Community, Pre-match & Live Statistics, Live Alerts for Strategies, Chat Room, Customer Support
Experience Level: Beginner and Intermediate
Support: Yes
Payment: Subscription (trial / monthly / annually)
Language: English


✔️ Essential tools you need for an easy-to-use and cost-effective experience

✔️ All the advanced tools and features every professional trader needs

✔️ It is user-definable, meaning that you customize it to create your own unique position

✔️ Created by the trader and betting exchange expert, Peter Webb

The tool may be difficult to understand and the support is not first-rate

Our Rating

Features: Trading Platform, Practice Mode, Advanced Charting, Guardian, Advanced Automation, Football/Tennis Predictor, Tutorials, Free Weekend, Customer Support
Experience Level: All levels (basic knowledge is a must)
Support: Yes
Payment: Subscription (trial / daily / monthly / quarterly / annually)
Language: English

Are betting exchange tools a must?

Don’t underestimate the value of betting exchange tools and services! Those will help you have a mindset specific to a professional trader. At the same time, they will give you that important advantage in trading. It will help you maintain that critical edge in the market.
Remember this… You don’t have to be the best runner in the world, it’s enough to run faster than your friend when a lion chases you.
Imagine these betting exchange tools as actual instruments or equipment. So, no matter how skilled, hardworking and dedicated you are, when you go to the field with a shovel, it is almost impossible to keep up with a farmer with a tractor…
Everything in this world only develops when you invest in it. Time and money are both necessary.
But keep in mind that the opposite is also true. It is not enough to buy the best tools if you do not have the necessary well-developed skills. You buy the best football boots for nothing if you don’t know how to use them…

Which betting exchange tools should you pick?!

All four tools are recommended. None excludes the others.
First, make sure you have the necessary knowledge of the betting exchange. Then you can buy all the “toys” you want.
Goal Profits can be this launching pad when you consider that you don’t have all the well-established skills in football trading, while Tennis Profits will help you with tennis trading. In a few months, we can almost assure you that you will be a better sports trader than before you subscribe.

Then, you can use CGMBet Tools to research football matches, analyze past statistics and also create shortlists and alerts.

Bet Angel should be your last purchase. You use it when you have followed the first steps and you want to put the betting exchange strategies into practice, in a professional way. It’s an amazing feeling when you put trading on auto-pilot and you just count the money at the end of the day.

With this occasion… Peter Webb and Bet Angel – thanks for the amazing academy you created!