Football Trading Academy

Football Trading Academy was built from our passion for the betting exchange world.

More than likely, we were in the same position you are in now.

Back in 2008, we were still placing accumulator bets with a lot of events per bet slip. High odds, huge potential award, only the chances of winning were almost non-existent.


We were betting at any online or local bookmaker, without taking into account the odds offered by each. We thought that all you need is to know football and follow some news.

Of course, we had the impression that we were “in profit”! Who doesn’t?!


When we found Betfair Exchange, we had to keep strict records of all bets so that we could test this new world. After almost a year, we stopped and saw that we were losing money.

So we returned to classic betting…

Only this time, we started to keep a clear record of all our bets here as well.

And… Surprise!

down arrow

In the long run, we hadn’t had the profit we had thought at all. We even had a loss. The “injury” was about 5%, about as much as the margin of the bookmakers where we gambled.

However, we managed to squeeze some money out of the bookies by methods such as Matched Betting and Arbitrage.

But how cool it was to be a bookmaker… Receive €100 and pay back only €95!

Then we remembered about betting exchange and the “lay bet“. Could we have offered odds of 2.15 instead of 2.15 for example?

Of course we could!

And that’s how we started our wonderful journey, getting to where we are now.

So, the answer you are looking for is “Yes“. It’s possible to become a full-time sports trader. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

Now, the truth is not more than 5% of those who are reading this will be profitable long-term. We know you like odds. So 1.05 is the best odds you are given to not becoming a professional sports trader. Or 1/20 if you prefer fractional odds.

Anyway, the outcome it’s the same and that’s how things are. We can’t be all profitable, someone has to lose…

Let’s hope that the losers are the ones that didn’t reach this page and don’t follow Football Trading Academy’s activity 🙂 !

About Football Trading Academy Mission and Values

Football Trading Academy Logo

In the next 10 years, we want to become the most famous brand in the sports training sector.

We will be the first company to have the best sports trading training in the world, which will benefit over 1 million students.

When our public activity on social media will be followed from every corner of the planet by more than 20 million people passionate about sports trading, we’ll have one more proof that we did our job properly.

On the way to our dream, we will not compromise on the student experience, even if this means less profit for us. We are not willing to compromise on the quality of our products, even if we have to reduce the quantity. Last but not least, we are not willing to compromise on telling the truth to a trader, even if we are bound to lose him.

This is our journey and we are waiting for you to join us if you want a fast, genuine, effortlessly way to start your sports trading carrier.

You have FREE access to our Betting Exchange Course and our Sports Trading Strategies Pack. Don’t forget about the valuable information written in our articles.